From let Björn Henriksson, Cecilia Brinck, Yves Mégret, Philippe Soullier, Aymeric Bas, and Arnaud Michaux
From let Björn Henriksson, Cecilia Brinck, Yves Mégret, Philippe Soullier, Aymeric Bas, and Arnaud Michaux

In a time when the Executive Interim Management market is experiencing remarkable growth in Europe, France alone had a 34% growth in the first half of 2023 (according to France Transition Report), Valtus now accelerates its internationalization.

Already the European leader in its sector, Valtus, seeks to assert itself as a global player in executive interim management. Today is announced for this purpose an internationalization and expansion of its Group management team, with people from Sweden, Belgium and France leading the company.

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Boosting Valtus’ Internationalization

With offices in 6 countries and a Valtus Alliance partner network in 13 countries, Valtus is already well-established internationally. We handle 36% of international executive interim management assignments, in over 50 countries.

European leader in its market, Valtus is now aiming to consolidate its dominance and become the world’s leading player!

Valtus Group leadership team is strongly international, now featuring French, Swedish and Belgian leaders:

  • Philippe Soullier, founder of Valtus, becomes Chairman of Valtus.
  • Björn Henriksson is appointed Valtus Group CEO.
  • Arnaud Michaux becomes Group COO.
  • Aymeric Bas becomes Managing Partner International & CRO – Chief Revenue Officer.
  • Yves Mégret takes on the role of Managing Partner France.
  • Cecilia Brinck is appointed Managing Partner Sweden.

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Embodying Valtus Group’s identity: One team, breaking borders

Supporting the Group’s international expansion is the newly implemented governance’s main goal. To promote strategic vision and foster a sense of unity, management will notably focus on embodying the Group’s values. With teams in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, and now Germany, the leadership team intends to strengthen the shared culture within the Group.

To facilitate this cohesion and collaboration, the leadership team will concentrate on bringing all teams together around Valtus Group’s core values: Care, Dare, Share. Facilitating the development of quality human relationships, promoting a culture focused on challenges and performance, and encouraging innovation: the executive board is committed to embodying and promoting the Valtus spirit throughout the Group.

As we continue this exciting international expansion, our vision of ‘One team, breaking borders’ is not just a tagline, but a collaborative promise. By breaking borders, we primarily wish to build bridges. My role is to foster a culture of unity and excellence.

Philippe Soullier
Chairman of Valtus
Philippe Soullier, Chairman Valtus Group

Björn Henriksson, CEO Valtus Group

Leading Valtus Group extends beyond the pursuit of growth and markets. My goal is to encourage teams to dare shape the future of executive interim management with an innovative and sustainable approach.

Björn Henriksson
CEO Valtus Group

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